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  • Author: Joshua A. Lynn
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  • Length: 349 pages
  • Publisher: University of Virginia Press
  • Publication Date: April 10, 2019
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  • ISBN-10: 0813942500
  • ISBN-13: 9780813942506
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In Preserving the White Man’s Republic (ePub) author Joshua Lynn reveals how the nationwide Democratic Party rebranded liberal individualism and majoritarian democracy as conservative methods for white guys in the North and South and North to maintain their proficiency on the eve of the Civil War.

Replying to worries of female and African American political firm, Democrats in the late 1840s and 1850s transformed themselves as “conservatives” and repurposed Jacksonian Democracy as a tool for regional bulks of white guys to authorities gender and racial borders by democratically squashing rights. With the policy of “popular sovereignty,” Democrats delegated slavery’s growth to white guys’s democratic choice-making. They likewise guaranteed white guys regional democracy and private autonomy relating to religious beliefs, temperance, and nativism. Converting white guys’s family proficiency into political power over all Americans and ladies of color, Democrats joined white guys across the country and made democracy a conservative assertion of white manhood.

Democrats hence turned conventional Jacksonian concepts—grassroots democracy, anti-statism, and liberal individualism,—into staples of conservatism. As Lynn’s ebook reveals, this motion sent out conservatism on a fresh, populist trajectory, one in which democracy can be hired to legitimize hierarchy and inequality, a uniquely American conservatism that withstands in our republic today.


A terrific work of scholarship. Its numerous strengths include strong research study and abundant and nuanced reading of Democrats’ ideology in an important duration because celebration’s presence. — Matthew Mason, Brigham Young University, author of Apostle of Union: A Political Biography of Edward Everett

Joshua Lynn is one of those unusual historians who can take an old topic and make it brand-new by discovering uncommon files and crisply brand-new insights. Preserving the White Man’s Republic is initial, prompt and magnificently composed; antebellum Democrats made a white nationalism that pressed the procedure of disunion and left an enduring tradition of bigotry inseparably connected to conservatism. Lynn does a gleaming kind of political history―about concepts―that the field significantly requires. — David W. Blight, Yale University, author of Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

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