Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science – eBook

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  • Authors: Harry Lewis, Rachel Zax
  • File Size: 25 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 408 pages
  • Publisher: Princeton University Press
  • Publication Date: March 19, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07H5384J5
  • ISBN-10: 0691179298, 0691190615
  • ISBN-13: 9780691179292, 9780691190617
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Discrete mathematics is the structure of much of computer technology, from algorithms and robot theory to chart and combinatorics theory. This textbook consists of discrete mathematics that every computer technology trainee requires to discover. Guiding trainees quickly through thirty-one brief chapters that analyze one significant subject each, this versatile ebook can be customized to fit the curriculum for a variety of courses.

Proven in the class, Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, (PDF) intends to teach mathematical thinking along with abilities and principles by worrying the art of evidence. It is totally shown in color, and every chapter consists of a succinct summary along with a set of workouts. The text requires just precalculus, and where calculus is required, a fast introduction of the standard truths is offered.

Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science is the best initial textbook for basic undergraduate courses and is likewise suitable for high school courses, self-research study and correspondence course for adult students.

  • Includes over 300 workouts
  • Solutions manual readily available to trainers
  • Each chapter consists of a succinct summary
  • Almost every formula and theorem showed completely
  • The essential intro to discrete mathematics
  • Includes thirty-one brief chapters, each ideal for a single class lesson
  • The breadth of material makes the ebook versatile to a range obviously


This exceptional ebook is an exceptional mix of rigor, clearness, and sophistication. Zax and Lewis have actually produced an extremely extensive guide to the world of discrete mathematics―a guide that will be essential for any trainee of computer technology.” ― John MacCormick, Dickinson College

NOTE: The product just consists of the ebook, Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science in PDF. No access codes are included.



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