Automate This: How Algorithms Took Over Our Markets, Our Jobs, and the World


How the rise of computerized decision-making impacts each facet of business and every day life

The bot takeover started with high frequency buying and selling on Wall Street, and from there it spread to all manners of high-level tasks—for e.g. diagnosing illnesses or deciphering legal documents. There isn’t any realm of human endeavor safe from algorithms that employ speed, precision and nuance.

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In this interesting audiobook, the author Chris Steiner informs the story of how algorithms took control of and exposes why the “bot transformation” will spill into every element of our lives. We fulfill bots which are driving automobiles, penning poems, and composing music incorrect for Bach’s. They eavesdrop on consumer assistance calls and exercise what Iran would perform in the occasion of a nuclear standoff. On Wall Street, pre-programmed algorithmic offers are carried out by devices quicker than any human might—leaving human traders at a serious drawback.

However what will the world look like when algorithms handle our roadways, our health centers, and our nationwide security? Is a stock exchange managed by high-velocity trading bots worth purchasing? And what function will likely be left for authors, physicians, lawyers, truck chauffeurs, and numerous others?


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