Got Questions?

Is the delivery immediate?

Yes! The orders are immedialtey emailed to you. Please check your SPAM folders if you don’t see an email from [email protected] within 5 minutes of your order. If you don’t see it, please email us and we’ll resend you the download links (give us 24 hours to respond).

What is your refund policy?

In case of fault product (wrong edition, incomplete file etc), we do offer refunds for up to 1 week. Just email us with your order number and the email address you used for the order. If there is any other issue, let us know and we’ll try to be as helpful as possible. Usually we refund for any reason for upto 3 days!

How do I open an ePub file?

Although most of our ebooks are in PDF format, some may be in ePub (its always mentioned). Many free ebook readers can open an ePub file. We recommend Adobe Digital Editions which you can download from

Are there any restrictions on your ebooks?

No. When you buy an ebook from us, it’s yours forever. You can open it on ANY device you own and keep it forever. There is no time limit. You can even print it if you want. If you lose the download link, just tell us which email you used for the order and we’ll email it to you again!

How long does it take you to reply?

We reply to all our emails within 24 hours, however, sometimes or due to unforseen reasons, the reply time may be upto 48 hours. Please do bear with us as currently we are a small team

Can I donate?

Sure! Donations are always welcome! Just contact us and we’ll tell you how!

What do you do with my information?

As of now, nothing really. We never send any spam and we don’t have any newsletters. The information is kept only for your orders. We don’t store any credit card or payment information, that is done my our payment processors (like STRIPE or PAYPAL).

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